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In a swampy Florida City, Will, a metro bus driver, lives a repetitive and purposeless life — until these routines are interrupted by Ashe, whose bleak existential rhetoric engages him and introduces him to a strange world of the undead:

Will follows Ashe into a death cult helmed by an ancient vampire — Wreck, who regards Ashe’s nihilist outlook on life as endearing, her aversion to human tedium refreshing. But Will panics, disruption a ritual before transformation is completed, and Will and Ashe find themselves trapped in the no-man’s-land between life and death, detached from conventional time and space. Will and Ashe must escape this fragmented landscape of past and present demons before it’s too late.


Director   |   Aaron Pagniano
Director of Photography   |   Idan Menin
Producer   |   Travis Campbell
Producer   |   Joseph Papa
Producer   |   Jesse Zhu
Editor   |   Michael Felker
Production Designer   |   Dustin Panzino
Costume Designer   |   Laura Cristina Ortiz

Will   |   Phillip Andre Botello
Ash   |   Jakki Jandrell
Wreck   |   Cory Vaughn
Brit   |   Avery Pohl